3 Things Buyers Do That Real Estate Agents Can’t Stand in Florida

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Read the 3 things buyers do that real estate agents can’t stand, and don’t do it! Your agent should be happy.

1. Not ready to buy?

Although you might believe you are ready to purchase, it could be a fantasy. Ready to Buy means that you have been pre-approved for a loan, can shop within your budget, and are willing to make an offer on a property when it is in high demand.

Pre-approval involves checking your credit and income. Pre-approval indicates that you have gone through the actual underwriting procedure in addition to having a number from the lender.
You know your financial capabilities and can pull the funding trigger based on the final home price, appraisal, and other factors.

It is important to know your price range before you start shopping. If your agent thinks there’s a better home, he can present it to the buyer.
However, it is unrealistic to consistently shop for homes in your price range.

Make an offer when you see a home that you like. If you’re not ready to purchase, it might be because you have seen a property seven times.
Your are wasting your agent’s time because some is holding you back. In most real estate markets, sitting on the fence is a sure way to lose your opportunity.

2. Take advantage of time

Buyers can waste the real estate agent’s time looking at homes multiple times and not making an offer. Real estate agents work commission and their time is valuable.

Buyers can bypass time limitations and respect for agents in many other ways.
You shouldn’t expect your real estate agent at 11 PM to help you view a listing that has been posted online.
Sometimes you may not be able to see a home at a certain time due to the seller’s inability to schedule it or because your agent has another appointment.

Although this is the most important thing about your life, it’s not the only thing.
Although they will be there to guide you and offer exceptional service throughout the process, they are not your only option.

3. Ignoring the Seller is Part of The Process

The purchase of a home is a contract that both sides enter into. As the buyer, there are your needs and wants. So do the sellers.
Respect this. You can’t expect real estate agents to assist you if you go through a home, become too critical, and expect perfection when escrow closes.

Do not assume you are the only person walking through a home. If you make any negative remarks about the decor or style of the home, the homeowner might not want to negotiate.
You might not be able to negotiate if the house is your dream home.
This is because the seller knows you’re passionate about the property and are willing to make any concessions.
Talk about the positives and negatives of the house only after you have returned to your car. Do not reveal your negotiation hand before it is necessary.

Sellers often need to make a precise dollar amount to close the deal within a given time. Sellers might not agree to repairs or concessions.
You might not be able to get repairs after inspections. However, you may receive credit for the closing of escrow.

Your real estate agent in Fort Lauderdale Florida will help you to maintain your options, create a negotiation plan, and follow wise advice.
Your agent is there for you; they will do their job. Ask our agents about our rent to own program this can help you to start living in your Dream Home sooner than you think.

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