Rent To Own Pembroke Pines Florida

  The Unknown Benefits of a Lease to Own Homes In Pembroke Pines Florida If you are considering entering into a rent to own offer, you might wish to discuss the advantages and disadvantages before signing a contract. If you rent to own initially, you will see if you actually like the house enough to … Continued

How to Find a Rent To Own House in Pembroke Pines

Are you trying to find a rent to own house in your Pembroke Pines or Florida? Rent to own house deals are not hard to find if you know where to look. But these deals are not the mainstream type of real estate deal when you are looking for a home. What you will usually find are … Continued

Rent to Own In Weston Real Estate Market Is A Win-Win

Rent to own in Weston is a perfect solution in a soft real estate market for someone wanting to buy a house.   A Typical Rent to Own Scenario It starts with a seller who knows he wants to sell a property he is no longer living in. He also realizes the market just took … Continued

Renting An Apartment vs. Renting A House in Fort Lauderdale Florida

So, you’re looking for a place to rent in Fort Lauderdale Florida? As you’ve already seen… there are a lot of options in the Fort Lauderdale Florida area for housing. All the way from apartments in Fort Lauderdale Florida to rental houses in Fort Lauderdale Florida… condos… mobile homes, and more. But if you’re struggling … Continued

Are Fort Lauderdale Florida Rent-to-Own Homes a Scam?

If you’ve spent time driving around Fort Lauderdale Florida Florida or browsing Craigslist or other sites, you may have seen advertisements that read, “Own a home for $500/month. No credit check!” While it seems too good to be true, local rent-to-own homes are a viable option that many Fort Lauderdale Florida residents are taking advantage of. But… Are … Continued

How Do Rent To Own Homes Work In Fort Lauderdale Florida?

One of the first questions we get from potential tenant buyers of our local Fort Lauderdale Florida Florida rent to own homes / lease option homes is “how do rent to own homes work in Fort Lauderdale Florida?” With a flooded real estate market, especially since the bubble burst of the mid-2000’s, rent-to-own homes have … Continued

How to Know if Renting or Owning a Home is Right For You

So, you’re looking at moving and you’re not sure if renting or owning a local Fort Lauderdale Florida Florida home is right for you? You’re not sure if one is a better financial decision than the other? You’re not sure if you’ll be able to find the type of house or apartment you’d like to … Continued