Five Reasons to Always Use an Agent to Sell or Buy a Home in Fort Lauderdale Florida

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To save money on commissions might sound smart. Don’t do it! This is a terrible idea. Here are five reasons to always use an agent….

Five Reasons to Always Use an Agent to Sell or Buy a Home in Fort Lauderdale Florida

Negotiations Middle Man

Real estate transactions are filled with many negotiations. The purchase price is not the only thing that needs to be negotiated.
So what happens if your home appraisal is lower than you expected?

Your real estate agent can be the bad guy. They will work with you to achieve your goals and avoid offending anyone.
This is one of many key skills a real estate agent has and should use.

It draws on the vast experience and knowledge of someone who can legally say, “It works that way 80 percent of the time, and that is exactly what we expect.”

Rolodex of Resources

Agents in real estate are often connected. It’s just part of what they do. They know other realty agents that may be able to help you find the perfect buyer or seller.
A great real estate agent will also help you with a home warranty, insurance, and contractor recommendations if that’s not where you want to look.

Your realtor will know where it can be found if you don’t have the information. If the land survey results are not as expected, your agent can help you contest any reports and point out where to go to get the original survey information.
You may have 20 people involved in a real property transaction. Your agent can help you determine their roles and get you to the closing table.

Contract Experience

It is not a good idea to close a deal that isn’t legal. Real estate agents have extensive knowledge of the laws and contracts.
Agents should ensure that all disclosures are made, all paperwork is done on time, and all rules and regulations are followed. You can’t guarantee that all of these are met without an agent.

Emotional Stability

Let’s face the facts, we all have emotional attachments to homes. It’s possible to feel that the home is worth more if you are selling it.
Also, you don’t always price it according to market conditions.
A neighbor’s completely remodeled house with a swimming pool might be worth more than your fixer-upper.
Although buyers may have a vision for the future, they might fear the large financial investment.

This process can bring out many emotions. You need to know what concerns are valid and what emotions. A real estate agent will help you understand these differences.
They will analyze the data and help you determine each transaction’s true value and risks. They act as the sounding boards of reason.

Market Industry Muse

Although you might feel you are an expert on the local real estate market, is this really what you do?
You probably don’t! Agents are watching listings sell like hotcakes or sitting in the market. They meet with mortgage representatives to discuss the direction of interest rates and hold market updates.
They also have an understanding of the sales season’s ebbs.

Do you know why it is wise to sell before Labor Day? Real estate agents do! They have the ability to identify market trends and determine the exact market data.
This can make a difference in whether a house is sold prematurely or if buyers cannot accept an offer.
You can also learn how to make your winter open house work in your favor when selling your home quickly.

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