5 Signs that a knowledgeable buyer agent is in Fort Lauderdale Florida

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So you want to purchase a house, so you post on to your favorite social networking site and ask for recommendations from family and friends.
You are instantly tagged with 50 potential buyers agents who are “absolutely amazing.” What does this mean? There are many real agents out there who are not great.
You don’t want to hire the wrong agent. These are five signs that a knowledgeable buyer agent is in Fort Lauderdale Florida.

A Good Listener

We are talking about a real estate agent, not a boy/girlfriend. You need a real agent who is calm and willing to listen to what you have to say about your home.
It could indicate that the agent isn’t capable of delivering on their promises. This is similar to an investor who sells every client the exact same investment.
A listener is certain that they can help you find the perfect home.

Asks the Right Questions

After the agent has finished listening, they will have some questions for you. While one might be your favorite color, this is not a question about a date.
This is because the agent must understand your priorities. Perhaps you have stated that you would like five bedrooms and three bathrooms, as well as a recreation room and pool. That’s great. The agent must determine what a necessity is and what is a wish to have.
This can be due to many factors, including pricing, affordability, or inventory. You’ll be disappointed if they don’t ask you the right questions.
Most people never get all of that information. Your agent will help you prioritize and find the right property for your needs.

Offers Other Options

After listening to your priorities and helping you prioritize, an agent can immediately start brainstorming ideas, locations, and potential properties.
Because they are so familiar with the market, they can recommend neighborhoods in your area that are close to yours.
These agents may also be able to offer alternatives based upon growing areas, so you can obtain a better deal for the house that you desire in an area that will become ideal in a few decades due to new development and improvements in the city.
They may also be able to guide you with rent-to-own alternatives too. Remember that experience is not always the best way to learn.
A young, assertive agent will talk to other agents and city officials to understand the current situation in different areas.
They are attentive to crime, growth, schools, and development.

Has Resources Galore

A great buyer’s agent is the person to call in any neighborhood. Imagine that you’re looking at a house and realize that the HVAC unit needs some repair.
Instead of waiting for escrow and inspections to take place, a knowledgeable agent might take some pictures and send them to an expert resource to get an idea of the problem.
Before you make an offer, all this information is important.

If you ask a knowledgeable agent for information about the local resources, they will be able to give you a list of recommended dentists, vets, and handymen.
This shows that the agent has built his reputation and is part of the local community.

Experience speaks for itself

Agents with extensive experience are able to handle most cases. A new agent may be starting his first transaction.
Even though he may be new, he still has mentors and experience to guide you through the common obstacles of home buying. It’s not enough to have helped 1000 buyers.
The real estate agent who speaks from experience will know where common problems are. They explain the process to help you avoid emotional rollercoaster rides as a buyer.
This information is helpful for any agent, even new ones.
This is a sign that a newbie has the support of a team with experience and resources. This is great for you.

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